Furnace Safety Check - $78

Furnace Safety Check

Free Carbon Monoxide Test
With Safety Check Service $25 Value

Furnace Safety Check Includes:

       ✅ Check Furnace Filter
       ✅ Check Blower Wheel
       ✅ Check Blower Bearings
       ✅ Check For Proper Combustion Air
       ✅ Check Flue / Venting System
       ✅ Check Blower Bearings
       ✅ Check Blower Bearings
       ✅ Check Gas Shut Off Valve
       ✅ Visually Inspect Flue
       ✅ Check Electrical Shut Off
       ✅ Check Burners
       ✅ Visually Inspect Heat Exchanger
       ✅ Check Flame Sensor
       ✅ Check Thermostat Operation
       ✅ Carbon Monoxide Test
       ✅ Check Temp Rise On Furnace

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        *Offer expires November 15, 2018.

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