The Death of R-22 Freon

There is no longer enough of the "old freon" (R-22) to meet demand.  As a result the price of R22 has risen in the last 5 years from $20 a pound to $100+ a pound.  In the last 3 months R22 has been impossible to obtain in the New Orleans market.

Surgi's has been exclusively selling R410a systems for the last 10 years.  However, some companies sold R22 systems until 2015.  This means that there are a lot of relatively new condensers in the area that have a fairly long remaining life.

If your system is low on freon, the ideal solution to this problem is replace your system with a new higher efficiency system that uses R410a.  If your budget doesn't permit replacement or your condenser is less than 10 years old you might consider using a different type of freon that is compatible with existing R22 systems.

There is a conversion procedure that needs to be followed but the converted system will cool equally as well and warranties will be honored by the manufacturers.

If your system is low or out of freon and you are being given an outrageously high price, call us at 469-4232.  The price of conversion is much less expensive than using R22 or replacing a newer system.

Need a new system?  Surgi's can help.  Need a healthier, more comfortable life?  We can change the way you feel about your home. 

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