Need A New Heater? - Planning Can Make A Big Difference

It seems simple.  Your central heater is old, not working well, or broken.  Time to get a new one.  But, be sure to understand the long range effects that the choice of a new heater will have on your home.

Heaters not only heat your home, they are the communication hub between the thermostat, the outside condenser and the heater.  

The air conditioning market is evolving to higher efficiencies by using two-stage and variable speed condensers.  A number of these systems use a different way of talking to the thermostat and furnace by using a "different language" to communicate with each other.

By purchasing a basic heater that only works with your present air conditioner you will be limiting your options when your air conditioner needs replacement.  New "communicating" furnaces can talk to your present condenser but old-technology furnaces will not be able to talk to newer "communicating" condensers.

High efficiency furnaces provide a more comfortable two-stage or modulating heat and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 15% without having to change the condenser.

Be sure to consider the air conditioning system you would prefer when it is time to change the outside condenser and purchase a heater that will be compatible with your plan.  While you're at it, ask Surgi's about the cost savings of replacing your inside evaporator coil when you change your's all part of the plan.

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