FREE 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
and 60 Month, 0% Financing
on all
Trane High Efficiency XL & XV Systems

Now you can buy a super high-efficiency Trane system with no worries about paying for future repairs for 10 years.  Let the utility savings pay for all or most of the monthly payments.  Call Surgi's at 469-4232 for a free estimate and start enjoying your new system today.

Need a payment plan?  Surgi's is now offering 0% financing on ALL Trane XR systems.

Free second opinion on repairs.  Do you doubt repair recommendations from another air conditioning company?  Surgi's will confirm another company's diagnosis, within 30 days of service, at no charge to you.  We have been able to save customers $1,000's in unnecessary repairs and replacements over the years.  Call us.

Need a new system?  Surgi's can help.  Need a healthier, more comfortable life?  We can change the way you feel about your home. 

Questions?  Call 469-4232.

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