New Orleans Whole House Ozone Treatment

Ever notice how used cars at a dealership always have that "new car smell"? Auto dealers know that cars absorb smells and smells can affect a sale.  The same is true for homes.

There is a time in the life of every home when lingering odors of the past or a mold problem cause the home to have a musty smell.  You may not notice it but visitors will.  If you are trying to sell your home or are a real estate agent, you might consider a whole house ozone treatment after the home is thoroughly cleaned.  Likewise, a landlord may wish to treat odors after a tenant leaves.

Figure that most homes over 20 years old have had a cigarette smoker in the house.  The nicotine from these cigarettes over the years coated walls and ceilings which can be repainted but it also coated the inside of the duct system and is most likely still there.  Ozone in significant concentrations changes the chemical composition of odors neutralizing them.

Pets?  Even after floors and carpets have been cleaned there are residual odors.  A whole house ozone treatment can neutralize these odors over a weekend.

Commercial ozone treatments are not recommended for occupied residences since ozone is a lung irritant and an allergen in some cases.  However, if you can arrange to be away from the home for 48 hours, you can have an odor free home when you return.

Realtors and landlords, consider recommending a treatment for all of your unoccupied listings or apartments for rent.  Just like proper lighting improves the chance of a sale, the lack of smells and odors will give you another advantage in the sales process.

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