New Orleans Heater Service, Repair and Maintenance Take On Greater Importance As Temperature Falls

Heating and Air Conditioning System Maintenance Tips

Following are a few things that are essential for you to look at when it comes to your heating and cooling system for fall readiness. Even though a thorough system check should be performed by a professional home heating and air conditioning company there are many things you can do on your own.
  • You should change your filter as often in the winter as in the summer. Once a month is optimal for smooth operation of your system.  The most highly rated filters are not necessarily the best for your system.  Equipment manufacturers recommend 1 square foot of filter per ton of air conditioning.  This allows the free flow of air into the system.  If your filter size is less than 144 sq. in. per ton consider using an inexpensive non-pleated filter.  If your filter size is at one square foot per ton you can use one of the new pleated filters.  Remember to change it once a month.  Use a filter that is highly-rated and right for your home situation. If you have pets or allergy sufferers there are filters to help with those along with many other types available.
  • Check your thermostat. Make sure it is clean and level. It may not work properly if it is not. Insure that the temperature in your home corresponds with what the thermostat says it should be. If not there could be issues that require expert help. Consider a programmable thermostat if your present one is older. These will insure your unit only works when it needs to.
  • If your home does not have one already consider installing a set-back thermostat. These automatically adjust temperature settings when you are not home or sleeping. It takes much less energy to warm a cool home than to maintain a constant temperature all day and night. This can cut energy use down considerably.
  • Vacuum any debris from your furnace blower compartment. Objects in your heating and air conditioning system make it run harder and have the potential to damage the unit.
  • Lubricate the blower motor if the unit calls for it. Your owner's manual will guide you in this step.
  • Make sure air vents, both supply and return, are clean and unobstructed. This will insure proper air flow which will help heat and cool your home evenly.
  • Run the system through a cycle and check it out closely. Listen for any unusual noises. Inspect the unit for leaking water. Feel the unit and the wall area around it for excessive heat. Use your eyes and ears to insure nothing is amiss about your unit.
  • Help your heating and air conditioning system run smoother by looking at attic insulation and adding some if necessary. Weather stripping around door and windows will keep warmer air inside and help with energy costs.
  • Call a professional for maintenance. A competent technician can service parts of your heating and air conditioning system that you can't handle. They can also check on what you have already done. This professional will also make sure your system is safe to operate.
Peace of Mind and Smooth Operation

The things you can do to keep your heating and air conditioning system operating smoothly are not that hard to do and will save you energy. Don't hesitate to call a professional for things you can't handle. Having a smooth operating system will give you great peace of mind.

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