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Ductless mini-splits offer unique advantages, especially when they’re used in construction where there’s no ductwork, an unheated cabin or home addition, for example. They’re a highly efficient and flexible system, and the technology is continually improving. One of the unique components in some ductless mini splits is the inverter compressor. Here’s how the inverter compressor works.

In standard A/Cs or heat pumps, manufacturers employ a one-speed compressor. When heating or cooling is needed, the compressor cycles on at full speed. Once the temperature reaches the pre-set level, the compressor shuts off. An inverter compressor runs at multiple speeds. Think of the standard compressor like a light switch: It’s either off or on. The inverter compressor is more like a faucet: You can twist the faucet handle just a bit when you need a trickle of water, or open it all the way for maximum water.

Because of the inverter compressors’ capacity to adjust its speed, its benefits include:

  • Efficiency – In the morning, to quickly get the home’s temperature where it should be for your daily activities, the compressor cycles on at high speed. Then it slows down to meet the home’s load precisely. This results in reduced energy consumption, as well as fewer energy-consuming starts and stops.
  • Quiet – When a compressor runs at a high speed, it tends to be noisy. Running continuously throughout the day at a lower speed makes for a quieter system.
  • Comfort – Because the inverter compressor responds to fluctuations in temperature with just the right operating speed, your home remains comfortable throughout the day and isn’t subject to large temperature swings.
  • Life span – With fewer starts and stops, the compressor experiences less wear and tear, and it lasts longer.
- Reprinted from an article by Bill Kusmik at Balance Point Heating and Air

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