Surgi's Heating and Air Conditioning Forum - The Discussion Has Begun....

Now that air conditioning season is upon us, customers are calling every day asking questions about their systems.  One has a noise they've never heard before, another, a code on their thermostat.

"My condenser is not coming on but the inside fan is blowing"
"What temperature should the air be coming out of my grill?"
"My attic feels cool, is that normal?"
"It makes a "ka-chunk" sound when it turns off.  Is this right?"
"I set my thermostat on 72 but it never gets below 74."

Surgi's has answers for all of your questions in our new Forum.  Come join the conversation.  It's open to all and the (very valuable) advice is free.  Don't live in New Orleans?  You are still welcome.  Join us, we're here to help.

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