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" The air condition in my rental home went out on Tues April 2nd, & I called Surgi's on Wednesday afternoon after work to get a quote on replacing the old unit in my rental home, as well as the unit in my own home that had been giving me trouble.  Within 2 hours, Art Boudreaux, the salesman was at my house.  This might not sound like a big deal, but I had called 2 other places & they could not come until the next day.

Art went over my options with me with great description, & then left.  I had told him I would contemplate whether I would accept or not.  What I liked most about this exchange, was that Art did not push me one way or the other.  I have been doing slight renovations to my home over the last few months, & have had experiences with pushy salesman more than once.  It was a blessing to have someone just say, "Hey, its on you, think about it and let me know".  At one point he even advised that I downgrade from the 4 ton unit I had in my downstairs, for it was too big for the space I had.  In other words, he was looking out for what was best for me & not necessarily trying to make extra money on me.  That is how customer service
should be.  For someone that does not know anything about A/C(myself), this was comforting to me.

As I stated before, my A/C went out on Tuesday, they quoted me on Wednesday, & started work on Thursday morning.  They replaced the A/C in my rental unit on Thursday, & then on Friday came back and completed the downstairs of my own home.  Both of the workers that came out were very professional.  So professional that I felt I could leave them alone in my home both of the days they were working, & they did not let me down.  They kept me in the loop the whole time, and after they were done, cleaned up after themselves.

I would definitely recommend Surgi's.  It is not every day you get both great customer service, as well as A+ work.  While writing a $9k check will always make you cringe, I definitely felt justified by the work they put in.  Thank you Surgi's"

...and thanks to Zack Robinson and Channing Redd, our installation crew on this job.  So often our crews labor in obscurity doing great work but not being singled out.  We'd like to thank Zack, Redd and all of our mechanics for doing hard work and making it look easy.  True craftsmen.

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