When flood water gets into your outdoor AC unit, it causes corrosion, which does not allow your system to run efficiently or effectively—if not addressed immediately it can destroy your AC System over time.  

If your condenser had water up the the plug on the compressor it should be condemned and replaced. We learned our lesson during Katrina...we thought that if we cleaned the condenser and dried it out and it ran, it would be OK. Saltwater can never be entirely cleaned from the condenser coil. Likewise, fan motors, electical connections and control boards can become corroded over time.

A system that runs after a storm is not necessarily a sound working system. After Katrina, it was a year or two later that these condensers started failing.  The problem is that two years after a storm the insurance companies refuse to honor a claim.

Do not think that because your condenser is running that everything is alright. Call Surgi's for a cleaning and complete inspection. If we feel that the future operation of the system was compromised, we'll document your claim for your insurance company.

Most insurance policies cover the cost of replacing a flooded outdoor unit.  Remember – if flooded – have a Surgi's Service Technician check your AC system. For your safety it is best NOT to turn your system back on until a professional checks it. 
What to do when you get home:
  • Turn your AC System Off
  • Turn off the electrical breaker for your AC System
  • Have your AC unit cleaned after the storm if you are near the coast.
  • If flooded call the Professionals at Surgi's Heating and Air Conditioning at 469-4232 or email Surgi's
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