Qualities That Make A Quality Contractor

Six qualities you should know that suggest a reliable HVAC contractor REPRINTED FROM http://www.qualitysmith.com/request/articles/articles-hvac/hvac-contractor/

The cost of installation by an HVAC contractor makes up almost half the price for a new cooling or heating system, but makes up more than half of the importance when it comes to getting the best value. For the most part, heating and cooling systems of similar size and efficiency are roughly the same price regardless of brand, meaning shopping around for the best value often means finding the best HVAC contractor.

How do you know if you’re hiring the best HVAC contractor? The “best” is a stew of different factors that range from price to reliability. The more of these factors thrown into the stew, the better your HVAC contractor. Here are some qualities to look for when you’re shopping around for a contractor.

Quality #1: Location, Location, Location
Any HVAC contractor you’re considering should have a permanent location, including address, phone number, and tax ID number. The lack of a permanent location should be taken as a very large, very bright red flag of an untrustworthy contractor who might disappear in the night with your money. That’s not to say all contractors without permanent locations are thieves, but it’s recommended that you take a long look at any contractor without a permanent location and ask why. Better yet, reject them outright. The risk isn’t worth it.

Quality #2: Licensed
Ask for proof that the HVAC contractor is licensed. It’s a step some homeowners neglect and pay for later. The paperwork should include a contractor’s license, bonding, and insurance. Insurance should include worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. Without licensing and insurance, responsibility for accidents and injuries will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Quality #3: References
Quality contractors retain contact information for past clients to use as referrals for new clients. Ask your contractor for a handful of references--you may want to ask for more than you’re planning to call to ensure a larger pool. Call or e-mail references to check whether the contractor performed up to a high standard.

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