Sorting Thru Credits And Rebates - 2012

There are many advantages to buying a new central air systems for your home in 2012.  Some of the following credits and rebates are seasonal while others are available all year long.

Federal Tax Credit -  Very Limited in 2012
From now thru December 31, 2015, an eligible homeowner can claim 30% of the costs of installing geothermal air conditioning.  All other credits expired at the end of December, 2011.

Trane Buyer Program -
Trane and Surgi's offer several programs during the year to encourage buyers including rebates, parts and labor warranties, and special financing programs.  Though March 15, 2012 we are offering 0% interest with up to 60 months on most Trane XL high efficiency systems.  Call Surgi's at 504-469-4232 for updated offers.

Surgi's Free Filters For Life - to $2,000
Surgi's is offering free allergy activated, MERV8, pleated filters for the life of your new high efficiency system.

Louisiana H.E.R.O. Program - to $3,000
The HERO Program provides a cash rebate to homeowners for increasing the energy efficiency of their existing home by a minimum of 30%. In 2012, the HERO Program has widened its scope increasing the amount of the rebate for existing homes to $3,000, re-introduced new homes into the program and added an additional existing commercial building component all under the ARRA funded Empower Louisiana HERO Program.

Entergy Rebates - to $1,000
Entergy New Orleans offers cash incentive rebates for installing eligible energy efficiency home improvement measures to $1,000. The upgrades must be performed by partnering contractors. Incentives are eligible for the following energy efficiency upgrades:
  • Air Duct Improvements (Duct Sealing and Replacement)
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Home Sealing (Air Infiltration Reduction)
  • Electric Heating/Cooling system replacements (HVAC Replacements)
Surgi's Heating and Air Conditioning is an expert in making sure you get all of the credits and rebates you can.   Call Surgi's today at 469-4232 or 985-624-9333 for a discussion of your needs.

* Trane or Surgi programs cannot be combined.

Weekend Service At Regular Rates

Weekend Winter Hours
Saturdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Winter is an excellent time to tune-up your air conditioning and heating are in their rest period between a hot fall and an early spring...air conditioning companies have time to assist you in solving problems and spend extra time cleaning.

At Surgi's, we give our Maintenance Program customers preferred service at any time.  Between now and March 31, 2012 we are extending these benefits to all customers at regular rates. 

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