Remote Comfort Control, Energy Management, Home Security, Surveillance

Used to be air conditioning companies offered gas heat or electric, 10 SEER or 12.  With the explosion of technology, manufacturers are expanding the range of offerings.  We now have 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, and 23 SEER.  Single stage and two stage cooling...heat pumps ...zoning ...dehumidification.  Now, with advancements in thermostats and wireless communications, air conditioning manufacturers are expanding product offerings into home automation.

Remote Comfort Control - By using WiFi, RedLINK, Z-Wave and other wired and wireless technologies, companies are able to support remote access to your home thermostat using a smart phone, tablet, or regular pc.

Honeywell has developed the Prestige Comfort System, a proprietary thermostat and remote wireless accessories that can obtain indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and adjust system operation to maximize comfort.  the thermostat is color, touchscreen and high definition. 

Trane has Comfortlink Remote Thermostat - a Z-Wave enabled thermostat that is linked to a controller developed by Schlage called Schlage Link.  From this platform, the thermostat can be controlled remotely by iPhone or Android applications.  Trane has recently released the Comfortlink II, a high-def, color, touchscreen comfort controller with remote control and zoning control.

Energy Management.  Z-Wave and other IP WiFi devices allow devices other than thermostats to be linked in a common system either running on a Personal Computer or downloaded to a controller such as Schlage Link , Vera 2 , HAI or others.  This can include light and appliance switches, cameras, door locks, water valves, motion detectors, door and window sensors, humidity meters, rain guages or any of the thousands of Z-Wave compatible devices.

Surveillance and Security.  Z-Wave or other radio frequency (RF) based systems allow interface to wired and wireless cameras.  This allows remote users to access live video from their home or business to be viewed on any device that can access the internet.  There are even security system control pads that support RF and allow automation controllers to be alerted when the security system sensors are tripped.

"For example, Z-Wave can alert you -- as well as the monitoring agency -- when something activates the security system. With Z-Wave, a doorbell can send your cell phone an alert, and a security camera can tell you who's at your door when you're away on a trip. A Z-Wave enabled intercom can let you talk to whoever's there -- perhaps it's an unexpected parcel delivery. With Z-Wave, you could even open the vestibule door, and lock it again remotely when the courier leaves." -

Why would anyone want this level of automation in their lives?  Comfort is important, safety is reassuring but neither can compete with cold, hard, cash.   And that's what you get when you progam your comfort system to be on when you need it and off when you don't...when you don't water your lawn in the rain...when your lights go out automatically when you don't need them...and a thousand other strategies for energy savings.

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